Cutting Weight Bundle

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Cutting Weight Bundle

While we don't recommend this bundle for everyone, cutting weight is an inevitable part of some sports.  Be it wrestling, weightlifting, or bodybuilding, showing up at a specific weight class or looking a certain way on stage could mean the difference in leaving with your head down or leaving with a trophy.

Jason has over 25 years of weight manipulation experience, from high-school and collegiate wrestling to years on the bodybuilding stage to weightlifting, he's truly done it all.  Jason's biggest weight cut was 18 lbs. over night at a body-weight of 129.9 lbs...not recommended.

But in those 25 years he's learned a tremendous amount, most importantly how to do it safely and maximize your performance and looks.

So many coaches do this wrong, basically starving and dehydrating their athletes at the wrong times and ruin their performance, Jason will have you eating and fueled at the right time.

In our "cutting weight" bundle Jason will get you contest or sport specific ready in a safe and healthy way.

The "Cutting Weight Bundle" includes:

  • Advanced Macro Video
  • Macro Double Check
  • 15 minute phone call from Jason
  • Our sample weight cutting guideline

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