Flexible Nutrition Transformations Flexible Nutrition Transformations
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Flexible Nutrition Transformations Flexible Nutrition Transformations
Own Your Eating Transformations Own Your Eating Transformations
Own Your Eating Transformations Own Your Eating Transformations
Own Your Eating Transformations Own Your Eating Transformations
Own Your Eating Transformations Own Your Eating Transformations
Own Your Eating Transformations Own Your Eating Transformations

What the Ladies are Saying

Flexible Nutrition Transformations“As a vegetarian I always struggle with getting enough protein.  Jason and I sat down and all he did was tweak my carbohydrate and protein intake.  Within two weeks while literally eating the same exact number of calories, I was down over 10 pounds.  Jason is a genius and I’d highly recommend him.”
–Jessica F.



Flexible Nutrition Transformations“I have been very fortunate to know and have Jason as my nutrition coach. After having my second child I was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. I lost some of the weight but progress stalled on my own and I was feeling so discouraged so I reached out to Jason.

My results were immediate and fast. I was nervous and embarrassed to talk to someone about my weight and how far I had to go but he made me feel 100% comfortable and encouraged. He always makes himself available when I hit road blocks and gets me right back on track. My progress has been consistent which keeps me motivated and for the first time in years I believe I will finally lose the baby weight. Thank you Jason!”
–Bethany S.


Flexible Nutrition Transformations“Well, I really didn’t think it would happen so quickly, but here we are, and I am down almost 30lbs!

When I first talked with you on the phone, I was a tad skeptical…only because I have never been able to lose weight before, and the goal you set for me at 135 seemed so far out of reach…I thought it would take months to get there.

But then 10lbs were gone…and another 10 – you kept it easy for me to keep going, even when I was frustrated. I appreciate your humor and your honesty –  some days you just needed to tell me to calm down.

3 months ago, I wanted to cry because I was embarrassed of where I was, and I now I want to cry because I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. It doesn’t seem real…I often have dreams that I wake up and I have gained all of my weight back overnight! Such a journey, but I will never eat the same way again – I love food, and I love that I can eat and not starve myself, and still be healthy…I just can’t say enough about this new lifestyle.

Bottom line, I haven’t felt this good in a long, long time – I am happier, healthier, and stronger. I feel like I can do anything. You have changed my life and I am forever grateful. :)”
–Ginger O.


Flexible Nutrition Transformations"My husband and I have been working with Jason since 2007.  Jason started as our CrossFit coach and grew to become one of our good friends as well as a constant motivator.  As a lifelong fitness guru, Jason researches ways to improve himself and others around him.  Flexible nutrition is a perfect example of how he lives through the research and shares his knowledge with masses of people.  He brings to the table a background in psychology which adds to his understanding and motivation of others around him.  You will find Jason in the crossroads of the heart, mind, and body - the place where an individual can grow to reach their full potential."
- Laura M.


Flexible Nutrition Transformations"I started my journey with flexible eating with Jason 1 year ago. Before I started, I weighed 170lbs- tried and failed at losing weight multiple times with different diets that left me feeling lifeless such as weight watchers, low carb, no carb and calorie counting. I began to lose hope that I would ever be successful in making a lifestyle change. Until one day, I decided to try just one more thing- flexible eating. I reached out to Jason and remember in the beginning feeling overwhelmed and confused as to how I could ever make it work. I started out simple with basic foods and stuck to a pretty bland diet to hit my numbers. 2 weeks into flexible eating, I was starting to get the hang of it and started to incorporate some really exciting foods! I was so excited to eat foods that I loved and see results and lose weight. I never binged because I always felt satisfied. I never craved anything because I ate the foods I loved every day! 1 year out, I have now lost over 40lbs and feel like a new person. My performance at the box has hit a new level for me due to the amount of natural energy I have from my nutrition consistency. I eat pizza and ice cream on a regular basis and look and feel the best I have ever been! I am so excited that flexible eating easily became a lifestyle for me!"
-Kendra H.


Flexible Nutrition Transformations"I met Jason during the Winter of 2016 at the Flexible Eating seminar that was conducted at a nearby box. It was my husband who encouraged me to go. I was very skeptical at that point. I was tired and unhappy on being overweight for almost a decade and I added a good amount of postpartum baby weight to the mix. Despite Crossfitting, I failed to lose weight as much as I wanted to. Fast forward to Summer 2016, I lost close to 25 lbs. Never been this strong or lean or happier in my life. Jason made me understand and appreciate the need and importance of good nutritional knowledge in my everyday life. The first week I started the diet, I had some hiccups. He was extremely patient and trusted me that I would figure it out. His positive energy and enthusiasm are infectious and motivated me to perfection. Week 2 and from so on, I had so much fun exploring the fun filled world of macros. I was made to believe by everyone around me that one had to eat meat to get protein in the diet. Being a vegetarian, I was able to shatter that myth and still get close to 145 grams protein today without meat. Jason’s coaching made me realize that there are no hard and fast rules as to which food is worse or better / no super foods or bad foods/ carbs and fats are not the enemy but ignorance and the unwillingness to accept the truth is.

The icing on the cake is that now that all my health markers are normal. My PCOS is well under control. I am 33 weeks pregnant and still follow flexible eating. I had to go through several cycles of IUI/IVF for my first baby and now I am extremely happy that I have been able to achieve it all naturally. Thanks to Jason and Flexible eating. Now I am very confident that I can tackle postpartum and the post baby weight loss with much understanding than before.

It would be an understatement if I say that this way of seeing the world has changed my life and my family’s life for good! I hope all of you get to appreciate and utilize Jason’s immense knowledge and reap the benefits of Flexible Eating and stop the madness of restrictive diets forever."
- Pavithra V.



Flexible Eating with Jason and Roz Flexible Eating with Jason and Roz
Flexible Eating with Jason and Roz Flexible Eating with Jason and Roz
Flexible Eating with Jason and Roz Flexible Eating with Jason and Roz
Flexible Eating with Jason and Roz Flexible Eating with Jason and Roz
Flexible Eating with Jason and Roz Flexible Eating with Jason and Roz
Own Your Eating with Jason and Roz Own Your Eating with Jason and Roz
Own Your Eating with Jason and Roz Own Your Eating with Jason and Roz
Own Your Eating with Jason and Roz Own Your Eating with Jason and Roz


What the Fellas are Saying

Own Your Eating Nutrition Coaching“Jason set up my nutrition plan and I’ve never seen better results.  I thought I was already eating “healthy” but I learned so much about what I truly need to eat from Jason.  At 40 years of age, this is the best I have ever looked.  I did Paleo for 3 years while CrossFitting and within one month of following Jason’s plan, I looked better than ever”
– Dave W.

Own Your Eating Nutrition Coaching“I started with Jason on May 14th.  I have been following Jason through Instagram and Facebook for some time and have seen his amazing posts.  After being frustrated and starved from other diets I decided to give it a try.  A week later my wife dove head first into the program as well.  I have lost close to twenty pounds at no cost to my energy or training.  Inn fact it’s better than ever!  My wife is seeing changes in her body as well and fell in love with the program immediately.

I am deployed and never know what I will eat, this is a lifesaver.  This has also brought my wife and I closer than ever.  When you are gone for long periods of time you don’t always have the best conversations.  Flexible Nutrition has given us a new daily conversation and something we both know, love, and understand.  I love how I look and feel and could go on on, but to be able to do this side by side with my wife is a huge win for both of s.  Thank you Jason for all your help.”  
–Tony S.


Own Your Eating Nutrition Coaching"Jason has not only been a great friend, but had been a mentor with everything fitness related.  I had done macros before but never took them 100% seriously until Jason started them and posting daily content, and genuinely pouring out information to help others.  He's brining a well needed balance and conversation into the functional fitness area where they may have been some one track minded thinking.  Myself and so many others at my gym follow the guidelines and Jason's advice on a daily basis."
-Miguel C.


Own Your Eating Nutrition Coaching"When I met Jason, all it took to make me curious about Flexible Eating Nation was a workout session together, him beating my ass in a heavy workout and the fact he ate pizza, brownies and candy the night before. After some calls and texts we were able to figure out where to start my nutrition plan, as a 41 year old methodic and calculating person I thought being hungry all the time was just part of CrossFit and eating healthy.  Problem was I was eating nothing compared to where I am now. I never thought eating more would give me the additonal energy to maximize and increase my workouts. I've been doing CrossFit for 18 months, and now I am able to keep up with younger athletes that have been in CrossFit for years. I still need to work on details, but I'm sure Jason will be there to back me up whenever I need to consult based on my needs. After all, the end game is make it to the biggest stage... With hard work, proper nutrition and again, lots of hard work."
- Randy C.


Flexible Eating Nutrition Coaching"Having tried every diet under the sun including “the warrior”, paleo and pseudo-paleo, I began to think it wasn’t me, my eating or my training regimen and that I was simply not one of those genetically gifted people. I was also guilty of undereating dramatically whilst training very hard thinking a caloric deficit was the only way to lose weight.

I attended Jason’s seminar at my box and still was skeptical that one could eat more, even include some food deemed as “junk” and still achieve a coveted “6pack”.

After 7 months on macros, I am here to attest that flexible eating works. I've lost 15 pounds and after a lifelong pursuit, I can finally see all my abdominals.

There is so much misinformation on dieting and nutrition. Flexible eating not only simplified nutrition and removed the word “diet”, it drastically improved my relationship with food.

Flexible eating accounts for what if scenarios including eating out, that irresistible donut and even dinner at grandmas where we know she got liberal with the butter. Apart from the program, Jason is a beacon of motivation, support and at times that much needed tough love.

I will be a flexible eater for life.

Thank you flexible eating and thank you Jason."
- David D.


Flexible Eating Nutrition Coaching"Fitness and nutrition, they go hand and hand, and like many out there, my journey has been quite the roller coaster.  My initial journey to my fitness goals started back in 2011 where I first met Jay and began doing CrossFit and Paleo tipping the scales at 270lbs!!!  With Jay’s help, and expertise I was able to lose 90lbs by sticking to what I thought at the time was the end-all-be-all with nutrition and fitness, and that was CrossFit and strict Paleo. For 4 years I followed that path, and like many with such a restricting diet, I started to venture into strict paleo 6 out of 7 days of the week with an epic cheat meal one day a week.  While I was still happy with my results, I saw myself venturing back in to the 200lb mark.

Knowing I needed to trim back down in order to keep up with my goals of being a “sufficient crossfitter” and someone who was seen as in shape and comfortable taking his shirt off, I started exploring the world of tracking my food and macros.  Although I was able to get results I was still struggling to get to where I truly wanted to be…..someone with some abs and definition (along with generally feeling better)….That’s when I decided to once again seek out Jay’s expertise and see if he could once again help me achieve my fitness goals with flexible eating!  One phone call to explain our goals, and the next day my fiancé and I were set to start flexible eating!

Admittedly, this was a very crazy but welcome concept for me, as I stated earlier I used to be 270lbs and was quite the food lover (also a competitive eating champion).  As soon as I started flexible eating, my relationship with food was rejuvenated; I felt like the handcuffs were taken off. I was eating Pop tarts, donuts, pudding, waffles, cookie butter, you name it, and I was getting results!  After just an 8 week period of time with Jay and the Flexible eating blueprint guidance, I lost 27lbs and 11.3”!!!  It was amazing, and I was finally seeing the results I wanted!"
-Clark L.